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December 28, 2009—Kimberley Cameron

Non-fiction: Science
THE PRIMAL SCREAM author Dr. Arthur Janov's LIFE BEFORE BIRTH, bringing to light new research evidence that confirms that what happens to us during womb-life has medical and psychological consequences far beyond what we have known previously, to Jeff Link at NTI Upstream, for publication in Fall 2011, by Kimberley Cameron at Kimberley Cameron & Associates.

December 15, 2009—Kimberley Cameron

Kelli Stanley's CITY OF DRAGONS was reviewed by Kirkus on December 15th. An excerpt: "The proposed series kickoff, awash in period flavor, showcases a large and colorful supporting cast...for fans of Hammett and Chandler, she'll hit the sweet spot."

December 11, 2009—Kimberley Cameron and Elizabeth Evans

Cynthia Robinson, Kelli Stanley, and Rebecca Cantrell contributed to Tor/Forge's First Thrills: High-Octane Stories from the Hottest Thriller Authors, a collection introduced and edited by Lee Child with an afterword by Steve Berry. The collection is due out June 22, 2010. As described in the Forge catalogue:

"First Thrills will include never-before-published stories by New York Times bestselling authors including Lee Child, Stephen Coonts, Jeffrey Deaver, Heather Graham, Joan Johnston, John Lescroart, Alex Kava and Deb Carlin, Michael Palmer (with Daniel James Palmer), Karin Slaughter, and Wendi Corsi Staub. This collection also serves as a great introduction to those whom the ITW has christened its rising stars, including Sean Michael Bailey, Ken Bruen, Ryan Brown, Bill Cameron, Rebecca Cantrell, Karen Dionne, JT Ellison, Theo Gangi, Rip Gerber, Gregg Hurwitz, CJ Lyons, Grant Mackenzie, Marc Paoletti, Cynthia Robinson, and Kelli Stanley."

December 9, 2009—Elizabeth Evans

Rebecca Cantrell's A TRACE OF SMOKE was nominated for Best Historical Mystery 2009 (along with three other titles) by Romantic Times. The nominees will be listed in the February 2010 issue. The winner will be honored in a ceremony in April 2010.

December 4, 2009—Elizabeth Evans

Elizabeth Evans was featured in the December 2009 issue of Publishing Trends in an article titled "Publishers Do Good 2009". An excerpt of the article follows:

"Elizabeth Evans, an agent at Kimberley Cameron & Associates, has just helped launch Room to Write, a New York-based group of publishing professionals dedicated to helping local schools inspire their students to become life-long readers and writers. Agents Caren Johnson, Michelle Brower, and Brandi Bowles were also instrumental in the group's implementation. At least through next spring, Room to Write will be working with two local schools: Bronx Early College Academy in the Bronx and The Secondary School for Journalism in Park Slope. 'At BECA, we will be teaching a weekly creative writing workshop to two classes, an 8th grade class and a 9th grade class. For each class, two Room to Write volunteers will co-teach a lesson based on a short story, then guide the students in writing exercises based on the class discussion,' says Evans. 'At the Park Slope school, we'll be conducting a series of publishing-oriented workshops that introduce different aspects of the book's business to sixth and ninth graders. Ultimately, all ninth grade students will submit polished short stories to Slice Magazine at the end of the school year, and Slice editors (and publishing editors) Celia Johnson and Maria Gagliano will select a few top entries to publish in the Fall 2010 issue. All student entries will be published online on the Slice website.' Room to Write currently has about twenty volunteers, roughly half of whom are agents and half editors."

December 3, 2009—Elizabeth Evans

Rebecca Cantrell's A TRACE OF SMOKE was included in a list of Mystery Bookstore's Top 10 of 2009. See the full list here. It was also listed among "Best First Mystery Novels of 2009" by Deadly Pleasures Magazine. See the full list here.

December 1, 2009—Elizabeth Evans

Elizabeth Evans was profiled as a new member in the Fall 2009 AAR Newsletter. The full text of her profile follows:

"Elizabeth Evans is an agent in the New York office of Kimberley Cameron & Associates (formerly known as the Reece Halsey Agency). Based out of San Francisco, Kimberley Cameron & Associates is a small agency of four women agents representing a wide range of fiction and nonfiction. The agency also has an office in Paris, France. Elizabeth began her literary career on the West Coast as an intern at Zyzzyva Magazine and completed her MFA in Writing at the University of San Francisco in 2006. She moved to New York City to open the agency's East Coast office in January of 2009.

"Elizabeth specializes in nonfiction, including memoir, pop culture, current events, journalism, science and history. She also represents select titles in literary fiction, upmarket women's fiction, mysteries and young adult novels. When not seeking adventure in the great outdoors or conducting ill-fated kitchen experiments, Elizabeth enjoys curling up with a good love story. Her favorite projects to represent are adventure memoirs and intellectual nonfiction that asks big questions and aspires to foster knowledge and understanding."

November 30, 2009—Elizabeth Evans

International Rights: Fiction
Japanese rights to Rebecca Cantrell's A TRACE OF SMOKE, to Hayakawa, by Whitney Lee of The Fielding Agency on behalf of Elizabeth Evans at Kimberley Cameron & Associates.

November 27, 2009—Kimberley Cameron

International Rights: Fiction
German rights to Matthew Delaney's GENOME, to Lubbe, in a high five figure deal, in a two-book deal, by Whitney Lee of The Fielding Agency on behalf of Kimberley Cameron at Kimberley Cameron & Associates.

November 25, 2009—Kimberley Cameron

D.P. Lyle's STRESS FRACTURE was reviewed in the January 1, 2010 issue of Booklist. The full review follows:
"Dub Walker, a consultant to the FBI's Behavioral Assessment Unit and a former homicide investigator, thinks he's seen everything. Until, that is, the murder of an old friend brings him back into the game. Mike Savage, a former sheriff, isn't the only victim: a serial killer has already brutally murdered two other people, and it doesn't look like he intends to stop anytime soon. But can Dub catch him before the death toll gets any higher? In some ways, this suspenseful, well-constructed thriller feels like an episode of television's Criminal Minds: its protagonist is a noted profiler who interprets the evidence to put together a picture of the perpetrator; the killer, whose identity is revealed to the reader (but not Dub) early on, is a fully realized character; and the story explores not just the investigation of a crime but also the minds of the investigator and the criminal (who is, by the way, presented sympathetically and not as a purely evil man). The writing is hard-edged and visually evocative, and readers of dark serial-killer thrillers will definitely want to read this one."—David Pitt

November 9, 2009—Kimberley Cameron

Michael Kurland's SHERLOCK HOLMES: THE AMERICAN YEARS was reviewed in PW on November 9th. The full review follows:
"The 10 all-original tales in Edgar-finalist Kurland's lively third Sherlock Holmes anthology (after 2004s Sherlock Holmes: The Hidden Years) chronicle the exploits of the fledgling sleuth in America, before he settled in Baker Street. Richard A. Lupoff gets the volume off to a strong start with 'Inga Sigerson Weds', in which the adolescent Sherlock's cash-strapped parents send him and his jealous sister across the Atlantic to a distant cousin's New York City wedding. In Darryl Brock's witty 'My Silk Umbrella', Holmes encounters Mark Twain at a Hartford baseball match. The detective meets another Connecticut luminary, P.T. Barnum, in Michael Mallory's droll 'The Sacred White Elephant of Mandalay'. Dr. Watson appears once, in a postscript to Gary Lovisi's improbable 'The American Adventure', in which the normally emotionless Holmes falls hard for a beautiful stage actress. Other contributors include Steve Hockensmith, Peter Tremayne, and Rhys Bowen. (Feb.)"

November 4, 2009—Amy Burkhardt

Nonfiction: Health
Food-issues expert Heli Perrett, PhD's THE SAFE FOOD HANDBOOK: How to Make Smart Choices About Risky Food, a comprehensive, how-to guide to food safety written for the millions of health-conscious but busy Americans who want to defend themselves against food hazards, to Matthew Lore at The Experiment, for publication in spring 2010, by Amy Burkhardt at Kimberley Cameron & Associates (World English).

October 19, 2009—Elizabeth Evans

Children's: Young Adult
Bekka Black's iDRACULA, a modernization of Bram Stoker's Dracula, in cell novel form, in which two rebellious teens find themselves in over their heads when one girl's boyfriend reappears from a mysterious summer internship in Romania gravely ill and craving blood, to Daniel Ehrenhaft at Sourcebooks, for publication in Fall 2010, by Elizabeth Evans at Kimberley Cameron & Associates (NA).

October 15, 2009—Elizabeth Evans

Non-fiction: Advice/Relationships
Former Harvard professor Dr. Mari Ruti's THE CASE FOR FALLING IN LOVE, an inspirational manifesto proclaiming the benefits of taking the plunge and going with your heart, arguing that only through love are we able to gain some of the most soul-sculpting experiences of life, and emphasizing the ways in which life's heartbreaks can be translated into creativity and wisdom, to Shana Drehs at Sourcebooks, for publication in Winter 2011, by Elizabeth Evans at Kimberley Cameron & Associates (NA).

October 13, 2009—Kimberley Cameron

Fiction: Mystery/Crime
Kelli Stanley's MALEDICTUS (CURSED), continuing the debut NOX DORMIENDA (A LONG NIGHT FOR SLEEPING), carrying on the "Roman Noir" adventures of a physician sleuth, this time in Roman Bath, 84 A.D, to Marcia Markland at Minotaur, by Kimberley Cameron at Kimberley Cameron & Associates (NA).

October 12, 2009—Elizabeth Evans

"Mothering Fiction," a blog post by Rebecca Cantrell, author of A TRACE OF SMOKE and the forthcoming A NIGHT OF LONG KNIVES, was featured on the New York Times online's Motherlode. Read her post here.

October 12, 2009—Kimberley Cameron

Kelli Stanley's forthcoming CITY OF DRAGONS has been bought by Book of the Month Club and by Quality Paperback Book Club. It was also chosen as an Alternate for the Mystery Guild Book Club.

October 8, 2009—Kimberley Cameron

Kimberley is featured in an exclusive interview in the November issue of DECANTER Magazine, titled "A Literary Agent Discusses her Passion for Wine."

October 5, 2009—Kimberley Cameron

Milo & Thuy Sindell's THE END OF WORK AS YOU KNOW IT received an excellent review in the October 5th issue of PW. The full review follows:

"The Sindells (coauthors of SINK OR SWIM) explore why employees feel disengaged from their work and offer tips for creating greater alignment between who you are and the work you do. The authors are clear-eyed about why so much work feels meaningless ("How does creating a PowerPoint presentation on this quarter's revenues... make a difference in the world?"); they stress that workers must see their jobs as an opportunity for professional and personal growth—not just a paycheck—and provide eight strategies to that end: sharing expertise, initiating change, demanding autonomy, creating meaning, sparking creativity, seizing recognition, maintaining balance and building legacy. Each strategy is accompanied by analysis, an illustrative case study, guidance on when to apply it and advice on what will be gained. The book's emphasis on the work-life balance, the necessity of deriving professional fulfillment from work and clear, cogent tips on defining and achieving career goals will help employees at all levels reap personal rewards in the workplace. (Jan.)"

September 17, 2009—Elizabeth Evans

Fiction: Mystery
Rebecca Cantrell's next two mystery novels in the Hannah Vogel series, tentatively titled A GAME OF LIES, set during the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games, and A CITY OF BROKEN GLASS, set during Germany's Kristallnacht killings. Again to Forge Books, for publication in June 2011 and June 2012.

August 20, 2009—Kimberley Cameron

Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
In Merrie Destefano's debut FRESH START, the company slogan promises nine lives guaranteed, but jumping from one life to the next loses its glamour in the 23rd century when rumors of immortality arise, to Diana Gill at Eos, in a two-book deal, by Kimberley Cameron at Reece Halsey North (NA).

July 31, 2009—April Eberhardt

Fiction: Debut
Catherine McKenzie's debut SPIN, in which a struggling thirty-something writer takes an undercover assignment to follow the most recent it-girl celebrity into rehab to get the inside scoop, only to realize she too might be in there for a reason to Jennifer Lambert at Harper Canada, in a two-book deal, for publication in early 2010, by April Eberhardt at Reece Halsey San Francisco.

July 16, 2009—Elizabeth Evans

Nonfiction: History/Politics/Current Affairs
Thomas Peele's KILLING THE MESSENGER: the Assassination of Chauncey Bailey and the Ruination of an American City, a chilling story of murder, journalism, politics and intrigue that investigates the brutal slaying of Oakland journalist Chauncey Bailey, who was gunned down in 2007 for writing a story about Your Black Muslim Bakery, the business front of a violent polygamist cult, to Jenna Ciongoli at Broadway, in a pre-empt, for publication in Fall 2011, by Elizabeth Evans at Reece Halsey New York (NA).

July 1, 2009—Kimberley Cameron

International rights: Nonfiction
Foreign rights to Kelli Stanley's NOX DORMIENDA, to Mondadori in Italy, and Periplous in Greece, by The Fielding Agency on behalf of Kimberley Cameron at Reece Halsey North.

June 12, 2009—April Eberhardt

Fiction: Debut
Eve Mont's FREE TO A GOOD HOME, about the elusive search for a place, or person, to call home; set in a small New England town over the course of one year, the book chronicles each month in the life of a young woman who rescues dogs for a living, even though she's in need of rescue herself, to Jackie Cantor at Berkley, in a nice deal, for publication in Summer 2010, by April Eberhardt at Reece Halsey San Francisco.

April 28, 2009—Kimberley Cameron

Nonfiction: History/Politics/Current Affairs
Dr. Douglas Burgess's THE WORLD FOR RANSOM, revealing the hidden links between two scourges of the 21st century, Piracy and Terrorism, and how this understanding can help transform the fight against both, to Steven Mitchell at Prometheus, for publication in 2010, by Kimberley Cameron at Reece Halsey Paris (World).

April 27, 2009—Kimberley Cameron

Fiction: Mystery/Crime
Susan Shea's debut MURDER IN THE ABSTRACT, the first in a series featuring a slightly cynical professional fundraiser whose ties to rich donors and those who crave their support land her in the midst of a murder investigation when her former boyfriend defenestrates from her office window during a gala party, to Avalon Books, by Kimberley Cameron at Reece Halsey Paris (World).