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Kimberley Cameron, President

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Kimberley Cameron

Kimberley Cameron grew up loving books—going to the library was the highlight of her week during her early years. New adventures beckoned behind every spine and now she feels the same way when she reads a manuscript. She wants to fall in love with a writer's words...

She began her literary career as an agent trainee at the Marjel de Lauer Agency in association with Jay Garon in New York. She worked for several years at MGM developing books for motion pictures. She was the co-founder of Knightsbridge Publishing Company with offices in New York and Los Angeles. In 1993 she became partners with Dorris Halsey of The Reece Halsey Agency, founded in 1957. Among its clients have been Aldous Huxley, William Faulkner, Upton Sinclair, and Henry Miller. She opened Reece Halsey North in 1995 and Reece Halsey Paris in 2006. Her associate Elizabeth Evans opened Reece Halsey New York in 2008, and in 2009 the agency became Kimberley Cameron & Associates. She resides and works from Tiburon, California with many visits to New York to make the rounds of editorial offices.

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She was educated at Marlborough School for Girls in Los Angeles, Humboldt State University, and Mount St. Mary's College. She has been a guest speaker at numerous writer's conferences over the years which include but are not limited to: The Maui Writer's Conference, Pacific Northwest, Aspen, Book Passage Mystery, Cape Cod, Kentucky Writer's Retreat, Boise Idaho, San Diego State University, Austin, Texas, Thrillerfest, Left Coast Crime, Bouchercon, and many others. She also attends BEA.

She is looking for exceptional writing in any field, particularly writing that touches the heart, and makes us feel something. She's been successful with many different genres, and especially loves the thrill of securing representation for debut authors. She represents both fiction and nonfiction manuscripts, with the exception of romance, children's books and screenplays.

She appreciates writers that show patience, understanding, politeness, and trust.

The publishing business today is especially challenging. We work extremely hard at what we do, and our love of books is what keeps us going. I don't think many agents do what they do for financial consideration. We feel an exceptional amount of responsibility for our authors, and have the highest regard for their talent. Please feel free to query us—we welcome your submissions!

"Let's be realistic and do the impossible!"
—Dorris Halsey (2006)

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Kimberley and Dorris Halsey
Kimberley Cameron
Kimberley Cameron

Kimberley Cameron & Associates, LLC
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