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Dorian Maffei

Dorian Maffei

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Dorian Maffei began at Kimberley Cameron & Associates as an intern in 2013. She has since become a junior agent and is now looking to build a client list of her own.

While she appreciates most fiction that traverses across multiple genres, she is especially interested in magical realism, fabulism, reimagined fairy tales, speculative fiction, literary science fiction, upmarket women’s fiction, unique voices, and innovative storytelling that sometimes veers on the weird. She values work that provokes a deep-rooted connection after the last page, and explores the peculiar within the mundane. Check out her Manuscript Wish List page to get a better understanding of the types of books she gravitates toward.

Dorian does not represent non-fiction, picture books, middle grade, poetry, or self-published books.

She serves as a literary representative and assistant under Kimberley Cameron by managing the submission selection process.

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