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Elizabeth Kracht
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Elizabeth Kracht
Kimberley, Liz and Pooja
Elizabeth Kracht with Kimberley Cameron
and Pooja Menon

Elizabeth Kracht joined Kimberley Cameron & Associates in the fall of 2010 to broaden her perspective on the publishing industry. She represents both literary and commercial fiction as well as nonfiction, and brings to the agency experience as a former acquisitions editor, freelance publicist and writer.

Elizabeth's career in publishing took root in Puerto Rico where she completed her BA in English and worked as a copyeditor for an English-language newspaper. When she returned to the mainland she found her "vein of gold" in book publishing. She thrives on working closely with authors and researching the potential market for new books.

Elizabeth's eclectic life experience drives her interests. She appreciates writing that has depth, an introspective voice or that offers wisdom for contemporary living. Having lived in cities such as New York, San Francisco and San Juan, Puerto Rico, she is compelled by urban and multicultural themes and loves settings that are characters unto themselves.

In fiction, she represents literary, commercial, women's, thrillers, mysteries, and YA with crossover appeal. She is intrigued by untrustworthy narrators, tragic tales of class and circumstance, and identifies with flawed yet sterling characters. In nonfiction, she particularly loves voice—or adventure-driven memoir, and other nonfiction projects that contribute to the well-being of the self or others in addition to niche projects that fill holes in the market, offer a fresh approach, or make her laugh. She also has a soft spot for nonfiction heroic pet stories.

Elizabeth does not represent Fantasy, Science Fiction or Children's (with the exception of YA).

Upcoming conferences for Elizabeth include: TMCC Writers' Conference in Reno, NV (April 2015), Kauai Writers' Conference (May 2015); Idaho Writers Rendevous in Boise (May 2015); Chuckanut Writers Conference in Bellingham, WA (June 2015); Antioch Writers' Workshop in Yellow Springs, Ohio (June 2015); Book Passage Mystery Writers Conference in Corte Madera, CA (July 2015).

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